Our Team

Meet Our Team of Esthetics Experts

​Katie Fry LE, LI

​Katie Fry LE, LI Education Director/Instructor

Katie has been a Licensed Esthetician for over seven years. After working as a...

Sara Gonyaw, LE, LI

Sara Gonyaw, LE, LI Esthetics Instructor & Laser Tech

Sara has been an esthetician for over ten years...

​​Annisa Eastepp, LE, LI

​​Annisa Eastepp, LE, LI Esthetics Instructor Specializing in Sugaring, Eyelash Lifts, Waxing and Threading

Annisa graduated from the Skin Institute in 2012...

​Shannon Hagerty, LE, LI

​Shannon Hagerty, LE, LI Part-Time Esthetics Instructor & Professional Makeup Artist Owner at Your Beauty Ball, LLC

Shannon has been a licensed esthetician since 2012...

​Tony Vorachack, LE

​Tony Vorachack, LE Front Desk Manager and Assistant Admissions Director

Tony graduated from Skin Institute in 2017...


Victoria Zubiena Owner, Skin Institute

Victoria has owned and managed Skin Institute in St. Louis, MO since 2005...